For you Seven Things You Should Know During Your Pregnancy (Your Doctor’s Advice)

For you
Seven Things You Should Know During Your Pregnancy (Your Doctor’s Advice)


  1. Get adequate pregnancy monitoring during your pregnancy. You need to get proper pregnancy monitoring from the day you know you are pregnant.
    You will also need to have the necessary blood and urine ultrasound during the follow-up.
  2. You should take iron and folic acid. This is because if you take enough folic acid, it can produce red blood cells and prevent anemia.If you take enough folic acid, it will prevent the baby from having spina bifida.Foods that contain folic acid include: oranges, grapes, papaya, cabbage, rice, beans, sweet potatoes, eggs, and folic acid.
  3.  It is important for you to know your blood type.Especially if your blood type is negativeFor example, if you are A negative, B negative, AB negative or O negative, you should take Anti-D on the 7th month of pregnancy and within 72 hours after birth.
    Do not take painkillers without a doctor’s prescription.It can cause damage to the fetus, especially during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, when the baby’s major organs are formed.
  4.  Adjust your sleep patterns during pregnancy.
  5. You should lie on your left side during pregnancy.
    When you lie on your left side, it increases the flow of food and blood to the fetus. On the other hand, if you lie on your back, the food and blood flow to your baby may be reduced.
  6. 6. Don’t eat without cooking! There are very few contraceptives. In fact, it is recommended that the mother eat all kinds of foods if they are healthy (ie, cooked and clean).
    Avoid sugary and packaged foods.
  7. . You need to gain enough fat during pregnancy. You need extra food before you get pregnant.
    Dr. Fasil Chair
    Pediatric Specialist and Assistant Professor
    St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College

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